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Getting Digital

Re.imagined by: Estela Belón


Estela Belón's architectural profession over the years has allowed her to excel as a space planner and interior designer, however, with no digital record of her work. She contacted the TDC team to transform her work into a Digital Portfolio, showcasing her work and providing a place where new clients could reach her.

The Strategy

Our goal was to go on-site various properties 'Reimagined' by Estela and grasp a little of her work and process from each one.  After visiting the locations and immersing ourselves in Estela's style we knew exactly how we wanted to design her page. 

Her new digital platform consists of a minimalistic and modern showcase of her properties in a full video and in detail house-by-house, followed by testimonials from past clients. 



Web Design

Mobile Integration

[Crafted: Strategy, Creative Direction, Video Production, Photography, and Web Design]

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